53th GUMP Meeting, EDF R&D, Material Ageing Institute, Moret sur Loing, 9th-11th of April 2014

"The latest improvements in TEM for analysis"

We invite you to come back to the EDF Research centre for the next GUMP meeting, five years after the official opening of the international “Material Ageing Institute” (MAI). The meeting will take place from April 9 to 11, 2014 at the MAI in the EDF Research centre of Les Renardières close to Fontainebleau (Moret sur Loing).

From the open literature one should be able to obtain impressive results from analysis using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). As an example, reaching atomic resolution in chemical analysis was shown on some materials but is this true for others applications ? What experimental constraints do these methods imply ? What specimen thickness is needed ? Can high resolution be achieved on all samples whether they are minerals, metallic, biological, oxides, or polymers ? Being microscopists, we have to fight daily with such questions raising on many aspects of our experiments and we also have to find answers ! Since the limits of analytical techniques are moving very fast we thought that it is time to have a review around such questions. Thus, the tackled issue of this meeting is " The lastest improvements in TEM for analysis ".

This subject will be considered through its general meaning ie chemical analysis, image processing and study of phenomena using TEM and others complementary techniques. The same general request is made to the speakers : they are asked to present the advantages, limits, experimental constraints and potential artifacts of the tools and methods they will present.

This meeting will be divided into two parts. The first one, taking place on the 9th of April will aim at giving introduction to some characterization techniques. We will present SIMS and nano SIMS, RAMAN, EELS, EDX, EBSD, orientation mapping in TEM combined to the best ways to prepare our TEM samples. We will address the optimal ways to preserve samples for biology which is relevant to cryo-TEM and for material science. Some methods including the newest correlative light and electron microscopies combining EDX analysis, the approaches used for SIMS and EELS on a biological sample, 3D image processing on serial section TEM and serial block-face SEM as well as the cryo-preparation methods for biology and material science will be discussed.

During the second part of the meeting, from 10 to 11 April, users will illustrate successes or failures (we all know that failures are sometimes more educational than successes !) in performing their analysis. As usual, we will propose a variety of talks (around 30 minutes each) but we will be very pleased to also have your own contributions. Each of you is welcome to submit a talk.

We’ll organize as usual the session : One question, One slide…

This is as if you are presenting a poster at a poster session but directly in front of the entire audience and not in front of a few elected people. Everybody will be able to give its own feeling about your question and also may help you to find a way to solve your problem. For this purpose, you only have to send us your slide before the deadline !

… as well as « the round table with FEI »…

We have the custom of providing our questions to FEI before the meeting and to expect an answer during the meeting. If you have questions or grievances for FEI, you are asked to send your question and any illustrative slide to Laurent Legras laurent.legras@edf.fr at least one month before the GUMP meeting to give him time to contact FEI… and especially to obtain precise answers during the meeting !

… from the practical point of view.

Three day conferences (April 2014 the 9th, 10th and 11th) :

Conferences will be held at the international institute ‘’Material Ageing Institute (MAI)’’ in the middle of EDF R&D centre of Moret sur Loing (close to Fontainebleau) MAI building in Moret sur Loing.

Administrative rules Administrative information : Véronique Bordier - contact@themai.org

Technical information : Laurent Legras – laurent.legras@edf.fr

Venue, Schedule and Registration

The workshop will be given at the MAI facilities in Moret sur Loing, France (located about 75 Km south of Paris).

It is open to GUMP members (which have paid their annual subscription) and to MAI members. Participants typically stay in the nearby town, Fontainebleau, where transportation to and from the MAI during the workshop will be provided. There are several hotels of various cost/quality at the center of Fontainebleau, an attractive tourist town, with surrounding shops and restaurants.

The workshop will start on April 9th at 9:00 AM and will end on April 11th at 5:00 PM.

Please note that the number of participants is restricted.

Registration : www.themai.org


The registration fees are 190€ and include :
-  All the facilities needed during the meeting
-  Morning and evening bus transportation Fontainebleau/EDF R&D research Centre
-  Midday lunches, welcome coffee each morning and others coffee break, and the 10th evening conference diner

Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs.

Some contacts in case …
-  Administrative information :
-  Véronique Bordier - contact@themai.org

-  GUMP President : Danièle Spehner spehner@igbmc.fr tel : +33 3 88 65 57 46 or +33 6 80 88 19 29
-  GUMP Treasurer : Magali Floriani (magali.floriani@irsn.fr) tel : +33 4 42 19 95 22

-  Technical Information :
-  Laurent Legras (laurent.legras@edf.fr ) tel : + 33 1 60 73 62 36
-  Julien Stodolna (julien.stodolna@edf.fr) tel : +33 1 60 73 71 92

Best regards Danièle Spenher and the executive board.

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